Cloud Adoption

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Deploy onto Cloud to Accelerate your Business Growth
Key Advantages of Adopting Cloud
OpEx instead of CapEx

No more upfront costs - pay as you go keep your cash flow.

Provision Only What You Need

Cloud resources are so easy to create that you don't need to provision the resources until when the need arises 

Pay-as-you-go model for compute reduces the need to negotiate separate licence agreements with software vendors and infrastructure providers, while long-term savings plans are available as your workloads grow 

Simplified Acquisition Process

With many data centers and facilities offered by cloud providers, deploying your solutions globally close to your end-users or setting up full disaster-recovery zones take only incremental effort. 

Cost-effective Disaster Recovery & Multi-site Deployments
To Effectively Get Values from Cloud, You Need
Cloud Architecture

Your team empowered with the know-how and cloud best practices to fully leverage the powerful cloud ecosystem.

Infrastructure as Code

Scalability, high availability and low costs are possible on cloud only when your team can automate resource management.  This is done by infrastructure as code

Sustainable Operations

When a service is offline, is it an unexpected outage or planned maintenance?  With monitoring and automated responses, there is no more guesswork and unnecessary 
3 am intervention.

Cost Optimization

Explosive costs on cloud can put cloud adoption to a half.  How to avoid unexpected spend and get full visibility onto costs since Day 1 for safe and measured cloud rollout? 

Cloud Security

Effective cloud adoption requires clear understanding of "shared responsibility." Understand what you are responsible for is critical to a great start of your cloud journey. 

OpsGuru Partners with You on Your Cloud Adoption Journey 
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