Microsoft Azure Consulting

As a Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold Partner, the OpsGuru team is especially invested in enabling clients on their cloud-native journey.  With OpsGuru’s deep expertise in Kubernetes and Big Data, we not only enable our clients to adopt cloud-native technologies to accelerate innovations, but we also ensure that the innovations can integrate with existing systems as a secure and cohesive workflow.


One of OpsGuru’s key advantages is the ability to apply pioneering technologies in enterprise environments. We understand that while all organizations are looking forward to innovations that provide benefits such as cost-savings, operational efficiency and increased delivery velocity, the full value of such innovations can only be realised when the innovations harmonise with the organization’s workflow, culture and values.  Many of OpsGuru’s senior architects have got experiences working in both multi-national enterprise and fast-paced start-ups, therefore possess the unique insights on how to innovate in such vastly different environments.

Our Azure professional services include:


  • Our OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad helps you get a speedy, compliant, effective and cost-efficient edge onto the cloud. 

  • Infrastructure-as-code implementation of your Azure resources leveraging Terraform. Considering Terraform’s wide support, the paradigm can be used in many other resources beyond Azure provisioning. 

  • Big data and machine learning workflows to help you get insight into your data and create competitive advantages. 

  • Application modernization including assessment, planning and engineering for Kubernetes adoption, microservices re-architecture and .NET core migration. We help you architect a heterogenous stack such that you can innovate in fast pace where it makes sense, update with care where it is impactful and improve stability to your mission-critical systems. 

  • Cloud security, governance and compliance across multiple industries, including health care, financial services and telecommunications.

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