OpsGuru can help you with designing, deployment and managing Kubernetes, Prometheus and Istio, such that you know that you have a microservices system that is scalable, reliable and resilient to disruptions. 



Containerizing microservices enables significant savings on operations and cloud expenses. However, you need a robust orchestration tier to manage application lifecycles, automate deployments, and enable scaling, such that the savings are possible.

OpsGuru’s Kubernetes experts will help you plan, deploy, operate, and migrate to your Kubernetes platform of choice. We have deep experience in operating Kubernetes on all major cloud providers, as well as bare-metal. Our team consists of active Kubernetes community members and contributors that will save you time and money with their in-depth technical knowledge of the platform’s strengths, weaknesses and best practices.



In a microservices architecture, the number of services and applications requires a robust system to monitor system health and issue alert when anomalies are detected.  


Prometheus’ simple operational model, efficient time-series database, and rich query language make it an excellent choice for monitoring most types of large systems. Prometheus is widely adopted for diverse workloads from ML and Big Data pipelines to data lakes, and even IoT applications. In large systems, component failure is a rule. Your ability to achieve Service Level Objectives depends directly on your team’s visibility into the system.


Whatever your platform of choice, the OpsGuru team will help you design, build, optimize and operate a Prometheus system that minimizes your team’s time-to-resolution and maximizes their peace-of-mind.

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At achieving continuous deployment of hundreds of components, we need new tools for managing the communication between those components, where components are aware of new releases and are able to mitigate risks by canary deployments, circuit breakers, timeouts and retrials. 

The new class of infrastructure middleware known as Service Mesh serves exactly the problem.  

In particular, Service Mesh solves the problem with scale in mind. Service meshes allow us to define dynamic communication, routing, and failure handling policies that improve the flexibility, operability, and resiliency of your systems. Amongst the small number of mature Service Mesh, Istio is the forerunner, and it is closely integrated with Kubernetes and Prometheus. 


The OpsGuru team has designed and implemented service meshes that support millions of requests per second in throughput across hundreds of service components. When the time comes for your team to take the next step in their microservices journey, let us build together a roadmap to success.

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