OpsGuru Launchpad is the most rapid way to adopt the cloud.  It takes days (not weeks) to get you set up on the cloud. As a result of Cloud Launchpad, you get the multiple environments with security guardrails and networking components ready for your teams. Instead of lengthy planning and imagining the cloud, you get your hands on a battle-tested foundation that gives you the true value of the cloud almost instantly.

There are many reasons to get onto the cloud.  But whether a company is considering disaster recovery, expanding into the cloud as existing datacenters capacity gets maxed out, or making services available closer to consumers, the common question is "how to start the cloud adoption journey?".    


Cloud Adoption has been Costly

Traditional cloud adoption has been costly because

  • Learning curve is steep: new features and services are introduced all the time, it takes more and more time to learn. 

  • Analysis paralysis hinders progress: increasing number of success (and failure) stories take a lot of time to assess and absorb.

  • Constantly updates are needed: cloud providers increasing the pace for new feature and service launches means that your perfect plan a few months has a constantly decreasing shelf-life.

  • Paradigm shift takes time: cloud designs and operations are very different. It is impossible to ask and answer the right questions when the team is still working to grasp the implications of each decision. 

Here is a deeper dive into the challenge


Introducing OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad 

At OpsGuru, we believe in adopting the cloud rapidly and efficiently. 

Instead of trying to carve the impossible plan, we enable clients to adopt a stable foundation.   Our goal is to shorten the time to cloud value.  The technical team learns the best when they get hands-on experience, be able to ask the right questions and find answers at the right time.  With increased team velocity, the organization can realise the value propositions of the cloud as soon as possible.


Features of Cloud Launchpad


  • Rapid Cloud Adoption:

Our opinionated cloud adoption kit gets you a foundation ready typically in 5 days.


  • Terraform-driven:

Cloud Launchpad is written in Hashicorp Terraform, such that you can use the popular framework to manage not only cloud resources, but also resources from 120+ providers ranging from databases, application deployments and operational centres. 


  • Extensible to your Growing Needs:

Cloud Launchpad is composed of reusable modules and environment-specific calling routines. As you extend your workload onto the cloud, you can easily introduce changes to modules and test across Dev, QA and Production environments following best practice CI/CD workflows.  

Cloud Launchpad Customer Success 

OpsGuru has already rolled out Cloud Launchpad in many clients across the world, including 

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Want to learn how other customers find success with Cloud Launchpad?  Interested in seeing how Cloud Launchpad can work for you? Please contact us! 

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