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As your team has been starting on the cloud journey, are you asking questions about best practices, scalability, rapid productisation, compliance, security and cost efficiencies?  If you are, like many cloud users out there, you should check out the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad, our open-source toolkit that brings users to the cloud and upgrades the user experience in a streamlined way.

OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad is an open-source toolkit that brings users to the cloud and upgrades the user experience in a straightforward fashion.  By using this toolkit, you can be confident that you have:

  • Adopted best practice security practices in the cloud such as principles of minimal access, environment segregation, access logging. 

  • Satisfied common requirements across various compliance standards (e.g. HIPAA, SOC2)

  • Scalable and efficient workload deployment customizable to your needs

  • Advanced cost-efficient deployments

  • Rapid launch onto the cloud -- the mean project start to base production set up takes 1 week.

Because OpsGuru believes in empowering our community, you are further guaranteed to:

  • Stay free from vendor lock-in

  • Maintain your own copy of the open-source toolkit and continuously develop it to answer your expanding needs while

  • Be able to continually receive the cloud know-how distilled from OpsGuru and community working with the myriad of clients across different industries (and compliance standards)


We believe in the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad so much that we have dedicated engineering resources to maintain, update and expand the solutions.  Because the toolkit is open-sourced, you will be able to integrate the output of our engineers and community to continuously receive the updates. We understand that your team should focus on creating values for your businesses, not learning and maintaining cloud infrastructure.


While OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad is open-sourced, the team is always ready to customize your specific needs. The cloud is continuously and rapidly evolving; it takes a lot of resources and effort to keep up with all the new features and technologies. Please contact us at [email protected]  such that we can discuss how OpsGuru can help.




Cloud has a low entry barrier -- it is easy to sign up for an account and start creating resources.  Before long, you can have a full set of infrastructure that solves your network, compute and storage needs.


However, getting the cloud right is difficult. It takes careful planning and design to make your workload capable to scale to the demand. Compounded by the requirement of security, compliance standards interpretation, integration to existing systems, the cloud can be a daunting exercise.


The exercise can sometimes be scary because to correct suboptimal infrastructure often means doubling the costs and effort. It takes time to unravel what has been implemented, to correct the wrong practice, before adopting the right way on the cloud.


The goal of the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad is to start the cloud right.




That said, we understand that best practice keeps evolving.  Looking even at five years ago, the understanding of cloud, scalability, resiliency was different as tools keep evolving and experience keeps growing. The OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad also serves the community who want to refresh their architecture, to make future changes and expansions of new cloud products easier.


The OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad can help you revamp your cloud architecture and set you on the course for sustainable adoption of the cloud.

How does it differ from the AWS Landing Zone?


We like the AWS Landing Zone, so much so that our early inception of the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad is based on the AWS Landing Zone. However, there are a few major differences.

  • AWS Landing Zone is a baseline. It is not a comprehensive solution.  The OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad does a lot more, including but not limited to certificate management, traffic encryption, compliance readiness and automated data backup.

  • AWS Landing Zone is written in AWS CloudFormation, the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad is written in Terraform.  We have chosen Terraform because it is easier to adopt. We also like how extensively it is supported across multiple clouds and platforms.  Terraform is advancing very quickly because of its popularity -- it has increasingly become a standard tool for infrastructure (hint: it is nice to be using something that is a standard).

  • The AWS Landing Zone is delivered by only AWS Solution Architects and AWS Professional services, whereas the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad is open-sourced and customers can have full access to it.

  • AWS Landing Zone supports only AWS,  the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad supports, for now, AWS and GCP -- we intend to keep developing it to extend support to other clouds too.



How does it differ from the AWS Control Tower?


The AWS Control Tower is built on top of the AWS Landing Zone, with more guardrails for auditing and internal policy enforcement.  As such, it is different from the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad in the same way as the AWS Landing Zone. Meanwhile, OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad has similar security features supporting the same auditing and tracking goals.



How does it differ from the various modules at Terraform Registry or the Google Cloud Foundation Toolkit?


Terraform Registry and Google Cloud Foundation Toolkit both contain modules for specific services, but neither contains contain clear architectural designs that help you create workflows using the services while following best practices guidelines on security, scalability and cost efficiencies.  We also design the OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad to align with the most common compliance standards such as HIPAA and SOC2. We strive to provide speed, correctness, ease and cost-effectiveness to the Cloud Launchpad users, to make cloud adoption and optimization a straightforward experience.



How does it differ from the AWS quickstart solutions?


AWS quickstart solutions are specific implementations for different workflows. The OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad is a generic foundation upon which you can deploy the quickstart solutions as needed.  That said, the quickstart solutions are often written in AWS CloudFormation; while Terraform supports embedded AWS CloudFormation templates, given the choice, we prefer native Terraform declarations, because Terraform is open-sourced and very popular in the tech community.