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The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. At OpsGuru, we've assembled architects, developers and engineers from across the globe to keep us delivering world class services for our customers.

Anton Mishel Profile



With 20 years of industry experience and a decade in executive leadership, Anton founded OpsGuru in order to help organizations cope with the challenges of a constantly evolving technical landscape.
Prior to starting OpsGuru, Anton led the architecting and delivery of multiple Big Data and cloud-based platforms in roles that included CIO of Israel's largest news portals, as well as CIO  at one of the world's leading genomics companies.
- Tel-Aviv, Israel

Paul Profile



Paul brings over a decade of experience in Solution Architecture and Site Reliability Engineering. In his previous roles Paul has assisted businesses and enterprises navigate complex cloud journeys. He has also developed a number of global scale web platforms for some of the worlds largest media organisations.

- Vancouver, Canada 

Robin Percy profile



Robin brings nearly two decades of software engineering and operational experience to our leadership team and client engagements. As a member, committer, and reviewer within the Kubernetes community, he specializes in designing, building, and operating scalable, cloud-native platforms.
- Vancouver, Canada




Mency’s career started out working with SAP in release management and build automation, and has never strayed far from the core pursuit of DevOps and CI/CD, streamlining and improving workflows ever since. She has worked with clients from a wide range of industries, including media, healthcare, and finance, to help them migrate, optimize and expand the footprint on the cloud. She is especially interested in business and organizational process challenges and how technology can be leveraged to facilitate collaborations, communications and decision-making.

Mency holds a Master of Business Administration
- Vancouver, Canada

adi profile picture.jpg


Chief Revenue Officer

Adi is a business leader, entrepreneur and an investor with 16 years’ experience in spearheading businesses with various software & hardware based technology companies. Adi has helped guide small companies to successfully expand globally. Previous experience in Senior Technology Management has given him a wealth of skill and knowledge in Technology Management, leadership and customer needs.

Adi holds a B.sc in Mathematics and Computer Science.

- Tel-Aviv, Israel

Dima Gelfer OpsGuru Profile


Principal Architect

After a wealth of IT operations and management experience, Dima joins the team to offer our clients exceptional project delivery and Information Technology skills. Dima has managed small and large teams delivering DevOps, Operations, High Performance Computing and consulting services. His current focus is on Machine Learning, ensuring our engagements deliver exceptional value to our customers.

- Tel-Aviv, Israel

Lev Epshtein Profile


Solutions Architect

Technology enthusiast with 10 years of industry experience in DevOps and IT. Industry experience with back-end architecture (Past : Pontis, Viber, Conduit/Como and Weizmann institute). Solutions architect with experience in large scale systems hosted on AWS/GCP, end-to-end DevOps automation (CI/CD, Infrastructure as code).

DevOps, and Big Data instructor at John Bryce.

- Tel-Aviv, Israel

Max OpsGuru Profile


Solutions Architect

Having spent over 20 years leading software engineering and delivery teams, Max joined Anton in founding OpsGuru as Solutions Architect. With past roles that focused on release engineering, as well as continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) at organizations like Red Hat Inc and NRGene LLC. Max now works with our clients to ensure their systems are optimized for the rapid iteration required to keep pace with today's rapidly changing markets.

- Tel-Aviv, Israel

Opsguru Eugene


Solutions Architect

Eugene brings over 20 years of professional, hands-on experience in designing, building and running production grade enterprise infrastructure platforms. As a Solutions Architect, Eugen specialises in Cloud Computing, CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code.

- Iasi, Romania

Marko OpsGuru Profile edited_edited.jpg


Solutions Architect

Marko started his information technology career as a talented Quality Assurance Engineer before beginning to work with large scale infrastructures as a Senior SRE. Combining his QA background with his SRE experience Marko has developed a second to none attention to detail and uses this to architect reliable Cloud solutions that survive the test of time.
He has vast experience with Public cloud providers, container orchestration spanning from Mesosphere to Kubernetes, Data systems and CI/CD solutions.

- Vancouver, Canada

Dariia OpsGuru Profile


Data Engineer

Dariia started her career as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer for an Aircraft Manufacturer whilst studying at University. Following graduation Dariia found her passion for Computer Science and started working in Database Development. Dariia has 5+ years experience working on projects as both Developer and Solutions Architect.
Daria also has research papers in Discrete Mathematics.

- Saratov, Russia



Cloud Engineer

Denis holds 6 AWS certifications and has been named an AWS Amazon Partner Network Ambassador for his role in educating the Russian technology community through his YouTube channel ADV-IT. Denis brings extensive experience deploying and supporting Cloud based solutions and creating training content for organisations spanning the globe.

- Vancouver, Canada

Cristian C profile OpsGuru


Solutions Architect

Holding a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Birmingham, Cristian worked on building infrastructure solutions for Fintech companies on both public and private clouds. His interests are Security, Kubernetes and also CI/CD for infrastructure-as-code projects.

- Iasi, Romania

Cristian Falcas Profile OpsGuru


Solutions Architect

With 20 years of professional experience as a System Administrator and working with a wide range of technologies, Cristian's speciality is now Kubernetes in both public and private clouds. Before joining OpsGuru, he built infrastructure solutions for industry leaders in Telecom and FinTech and so he brings a lot of knowledge on securing and fine-tuning solutions for supporting containerized applications.

- Iasi, Romania


Data and Machine Learning  Architect

Sergey is the resident Data Wizard of OpsGuru. Armed with knowledge in a great variety of databases and data processing technologies, he has designed and implemented many data pipelines, analytics and statistics. In recent years Sergey has been working in depth with supervised machine learning focusing on anomaly detection. When he is not working with data and ML, he is looking deep into Google Cloud and Kubernetes and contributing to open source projects. 

- Saratov, Russia

Жирайр Казаросян.JPG


Solutions Architect

Zhirayr has a diverse career in development, data engineering, and system architecture before joining OpsGuru, where he continues to thrive in projects leveraging his mastery in data design, processing and cloud native computing. He is also spearheading OpsGuru’s effort to share the team’s expertise with the Russian tech communities.

- Moscow, Russia