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AWS Migration Acceleration Program
What is the AWS Migration Acceleration Program? 

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is designed to help enterprises that are committed to the migration journey to streamline the cloud adoption journey. This includes assessing current workloads, estimating monetary benefits of adopting AWS, building cloud operational capabilities and gaining experience through migrating pilot workloads.

AWS MAP has two key advantages 

  • Implements a customizable framework that maximizes the success of AWS Adoption 

  • Funding program that can only be unlocked by specific AWS partners, who has the validated expertise to help you streamline your AWS adoption and to offset the costs and risks of adopting AWS.

Why is OpsGuru Your Ideal AWS MAP Partner ?
OpsGuru is an AWS  Migration Competency Partner 

Only AWS Migration Partners can deliver AWS Migration Acceleration Program.  OpsGuru is AWS Migration Competency because we have demonstrated the team's expertise in streamlining customers AWS adoption, helping customers adoption AWS best practices .

OpsGuru is an EC2 for Windows Service Delivery Partner 

As an AWS EC2 for Windows service delivery partner, OpsGuru has ample experience migrating, managing and optimizing Microsoft software, on top of and modernizing the workloads for better efficiencies on cloud and cost-effectiveness. For anyone who looks to manage the popular workloads, OpsGuru's skills on the technology and licensing is indispensable.

OpsGuru Understands How to Help Clients Build Cloud Capabilities 

OpsGuru provides not only a technical solution but programs to steadily build client capabilities on AWS. One such example is OpsGuru's Cloud Launchpad.

For AWS adoption, OpsGuru will help you not only build the roadmap on migrating workloads but also make sure you have the know-how to develop your Cloud Center of Excellence.  With OpsGuru's technical solution and the series of AWS and DevOps training , you are ensured to be equipped with the knowledge and a roadmap to deliver on security, platform and operations, and gain the confidence to continuously extend, expand and evolve on AWS. 

OpsGuru is Skilled to Help You Unlock AWS Funding Programs 

Funding is a key aspect of AWS Migration Acceleration Program.  AWS provides incentives and support to help client  To  derisk and maximize success on AWS. 

Other than MAP, AWS also have other funding programs to support different industries, sizes of companies and/or workloads and technologies.  The closer partner between AWS and OpsGuru has enabled the team to build advanced understanding on the feature of the programs, and help you identify opportunities to take advantage of the AWS funding programs to achieve win-win.  in your AWS adoption. 

Are you looking to migrate to AWS or optimize your current workloads on AWS?   We'd love to help you on that!

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