Amazon Web Services

At OpsGuru we enable you to truly take advantage of the powerful Amazon Web Services platform. We work with you across the ever-evolving and constantly expanding AWS suite, in order to identify the right architecture specifically tailored to your workloads. 


Our certified AWS experts will architect, build and run your workload in a secure, scalable and cost-efficient way such that you can truly realize the full value of the platform.  


OpsGuru has a team of architects, data scientists and engineers who come from a varied background ranging from CI/CD to high-performance computing, from network infrastructure to data analytics and machine learning. 


Working with OpsGuru, you will have direct access to a world-class team with a wide range of experience deploying and running production workloads on AWS and hybrid environments.

Our AWS professional services include:


  • Our OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad helps you get a speedy, compliant, effective and cost-efficient edge onto the cloud. 

  • Infrastructure-as-code implementation of your AWS resources, to ensure you have an easily extensible and maintainable AWS infrastructure to support your growing AWS needs. 

  • Data analytics and machine learning workflows to help you unpack the value of your data to give you an advantage over your competitors. 

  • Migration to AWS such that you can enjoy high availability, security, scalability and automatability of AWS - and more importantly, reduce stress and operational overhead! 

  • Modernization of your application such that they follow the cloud-native best practices to fully take advantage of the elastic cloud. 

  • Cloud security, governance and compliance across multiple industries, including health care, financial services and telecommunications.

  • Architecture and implementation of secure, multi-tenant platforms specifically designed for SaaS providers with strict tenant isolation requirements.

  • Migration and modernization of Windows Server, SQL Server and .NET workloads to AWS to realize benefits of elasticity and velocity, and to reduce licensing costs while enabling agility, portability and control.

  • As a member of the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program, we run Well-architected Review for your AWS workload to ensure you are adopting the AWS best practices to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

OpsGuru has an extensive track record on AWS, here are some of the recent projects:

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Want to learn more about how OpsGuru can accelerate your success on AWS Please Contact us.  
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