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As a fast-growing business, your needs constantly change because of the evolving customer requests,  market trends and technology landscape.

OpsGuru, being a fast-growing business, understands the culture, the language, the challenges and the goals of Start-up/SMB.  We understand that you should focus on your business, not the technology and the deployments -- for that, you have OpsGuru supporting you.

Constant Changes are Challenging 

As a Start-up or SMB, you often face acute challenges related to the technology stack

  • You look for DevOps and Cloud talent in the team but not sure if rigidly defined roles can provide the flexibility that your business needs.

  • You face sudden security and compliance requirements, which often appear before a large company-transforming deal is signed.  At the request to fill out tens of pages of comprehensive security and industry-specific compliance reviews, you realized overnight you have to learn cloud-native best practices, understand how the compliance requirements translate to technical specifications and reduce any gaps found between best practices and your current technology stack.

  • You are concerned about your cloud bill.  As your business grows and workloads expand, cloud costs grow at an exponential rate.  This issue is made worse when each cloud service charges different and the full bill is often difficult to decipher. 

OpsGuru's Startup & SMB Solutions 

OpsGuru understands fully the Start-up and SMB mindset. We have worked with dozens of small businesses across different industry verticals to help them successfully architect, build and scale their businesses on the cloud. 

Launch for Success 

We start by getting the foundations right.  The rapid rollout of OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad makes sure that the underlying cloud infrastructure is compliant with industry-specific stands and aligns with cloud-best practices.


We offer start-up-friendly payment terms to enable your success on the Cloud. 

Clear Path Forward

Starting with a thorough architecture review of the existing technology stack, our experienced senior architects identify gaps for architectural best practices as well as in-depth implementations required for standard compliance.


Leveraging our vast experience in cloud, we build a prioritized roadmap to help your teams achieve success in the cloud and continue to support your future growth. 

Thrive in Success

Our team has worked on some of the biggest video game launches, media releases and data streaming platforms.  We offer deep expertise in supporting explosive success.


Thrive in success offers either pre-launch review capabilities or "big red button" response to ensure your platform can support the surging demand.

Flexible Help 

Sometimes, you just need a little help.  OpsGuru also offers part-time engineering resources to augment your teams to scale on cloud.  Whether it is DevOps or Cloud Engineering or senior cloud consulting that you need, OpsGuru has an approach that works for your small business.

Cloud Engineer

well-versed in various DevOps tooling, he/she implements infrastructure as code and CI/CD workflows

Solutions Architect

experienced in designing cloud architecture and the full spectrum of cloud-native implementation best practice, he/she can assist in technical escalations 

Principal Consultant

armed with at least 10 years of technology experience across multiple industries, he/she can provide the thought leadership required to identify program-level gaps, implementation roadmaps to remediate risks.  

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