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OpsGuru works with you through COVID-19

Written by Anton Mishel, CEO at OpsGuru

The dramatic impact of COVID-19 will likely go down as one of the most significant events in modern history. It’s a timely reminder of the actual priorities in life: the health and well-being of our loved ones. At OpsGuru, after confirming the health and well-being of our staff, we began to dramatically pivot our strategy to ensure we are able to offer support to businesses that actually matters.

In short, our general priorities are as follows:

  1. Keeping the Lights on

  2. Reducing Costs

  3. Scaling for Demand

  4. Enabling Remote Workforces

We start with the obvious priority, Keeping the Lights on. We completely understand that for a majority of the world right now, the only priority is ensuring that staff can feed their families and that doors (likely to home offices at this point) stay open.

To that end, the OpsGuru team continues to offer services as per usual. We are fortunate enough to have been operating in a remote-friendly capacity since our inception.

For our customers and partners, we have opened a dialogue to ensure we’re helping at-risk industries to Keep the lights on. It’s critically obvious that we’re all in this together and the most important factor for us is the longevity of our business relationships.

For a few industries, COVID-19 is providing an unprecedented increase in demand. Consumers are rapidly embracing healthcare technology and delivery services as enterprises are embracing remote working technologies and Software as a Service (SaaS). For them, Keeping the Lights on is ensuring that they are able to cope with demand.

We are committed to offering free advice sessions to any organisation to see if we are able to reduce your costs or to help in any way we can. There is no expectation of a paid engagement.

While our full suite of offerings is still available, we want to ensure that we’re also able to solve the highest priority problems, now. To that end, our COVID-19 offerings include the following:

Keeping the Lights on

  • Disaster Recovery (in to and out of Cloud)

  • Data Centre Evacuation

  • Emergency access to business-critical applications

  • Cloud Launchpad - Rapid, Secure cloud foundations

Reducing Costs

  • Cloud Cost Reviews

  • Hybrid Cloud Deployments

  • Reducing object storage costs for large scale data lakes

Scaling for Demand

  • 10x Scaling Assistance

  • Right-Sizing Cloud Workloads

Enabling Remote Workforces

  • Emergency VPN capacity increases

  • “VPN-less” remote connectivity

  • Remote workshops and training

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