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Microservice architecture makes delivering and updating features a lot easier. It increases delivery velocity and feature confidence - therefore reduces software development costs - in a way that is not possible with legacy monolithic architectures. OpsGuru can help you adopt this pattern and join the revolution of speedy and well-tested feature delivery to maximise your advantage in the competitive market landscape.


As can be seen above, there is no shortage of new tools and technologies available for building out your microservice platform. But we know that no technology is perfect, especially not on the bleeding edge. The greatest risk of migrating to a new methodology or paradigm is in the unknown trade-offs made when choosing technologies. And while ninety percent of the decisions made in architecting a microservices platform will be based on decades-old design principles and patterns, the most critical, and costly, ten percent require in-depth knowledge of the latest orchestration, scheduling, observability, and service discovery technologies available today.


OpsGuru has made it our business to work with these technologies, contribute to their codebases, participate in their communities, and understand their roadmaps. We will work with your senior architects to minimize blind spots and ensure they are fully aware of the values, risks, and deficiencies of the technologies being considered and integrated into your microservices platform.


A common question we hear from our clients is: should we build our system on containers, or serverless technologies? And, most often, the answer is “both”. While serverless provides a very compelling development story, like everything, it has its deficiencies. We see containers and serverless as complementary deployment patterns that, when used effectively, have great cost-savings potential for both software and operations teams.


Our experts will work with your engineers to create streamlined build and deployment pipelines that support rapid development cycles and operational best practices, regardless of the deployment model. You can leverage our experience in modularizing, containerizing, and migrating legacy applications to accelerate your efforts and avoid the costly pitfalls that so many teams encounter along the way.