Healthcare & Life Sciences

The availability of public cloud means that many healthcare and life sciences companies can now take advantage of “infinite” compute and storage. However, the volume of data and the sensitive nature of medical and patient data means that companies need to consider many locale-specific compliances. Running healthcare and life sciences workloads on the cloud is often challenging.

OpsGuru has worked with multiple HCLS providers to design workloads on the cloud.  We endeavour to continuously develop solutions for this industry because healthcare and advances in life sciences are fundamental to the human experience; the cause is well-worthy of the effort.

Data Unification & Reconciliation

Data is a key challenge for healthcare and life sciences.  Because data security is a key concern on healthcare data, often a lot of data is siloed and vaulted in only very specific locations, leading to divergence and incongruences. To fully harness the power of the data, and accelerate getting value from the aggregated data, data integrity is essential. 


OpsGuru data engineers help clients analyze the sources of the data, the data attributes and fields, to design a strategy on how to unify the data for downstream consumption, including machine learning pipelines, data analytic workflows and reporting activities.


Data Security

Healthcare data is subject to stringent legislative requirements because the information is highly personal and breaches thereof have a wide impact. Meanwhile, healthcare providers are often targets of ransomware attacks, making it even more important to have a holistic and robust data security strategy. 

OpsGuru Cloud Launchpad is a rapid onboarding solution to ensure HCLS businesses can onboard to the cloud swiftly for data backup and computing needs. By making data available on the cloud in a compliant way, it opens up the possibility of using the infinite compute power on the cloud to process and model the data.

Processing & Storage On-Premise, Edge and Cloud

Life sciences experiments are known for the cost to execute, the time an iteration takes to run and the amount of complex data generated. An effective experient needs to account for storage, compute power and consumption of the output. Meanwhile, smart devices capturing health data share the same volume problem, compounded by the necessity of encryption and security every step on transferring the data from the device to a centralized storage. 


OpsGuru can help you design how to best leverage cloud to store and process the data. Also, together we can design the full workflow combining on-premise data centers, edge processing before fully uploading to cloud regions for best latencies and cost efficiencies.

Machine Learning

The vast amount of healthcare and life sciences data leads the necessity to leverage machine learning to take advantage of the complex data.  The perfect combination of domain expert collaboration, data labelling, model generation and training, and model serving across on-premise, edge and cloud can realise the fully extended value of the data. 


OpsGuru has designed multiple MLOps workloads for the clients exactly to harness the value of the data. With our expertise on the cloud as well, we are confident that we can design and implement the exact end-to-end workflow that your business needs.

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