Operational know-how is essential to sustainable cloud success.

That’s why Day2Ops - Operational Capability of your workload on the day immediately after production rollout - is so important.


OpsGuru can help you with your operational aspects: CI/CD, security and observability.

Cloud-native Adoption can be Challenging

Operating on the cloud has been a significant challenge to many companies, because of the following:

  • Learning Path: It takes time to adopt new resource types and tooling running on a completely new system

  • Complexity: During the transition between legacy workloads to cloud-native computing, the system becomes a heterogeneous set of services. Each of the services often has its own characteristics and require different metrics and skillset to operate day-to-day.   

  • Fast pace of change: Features are being added to cloud services at an increasing pace, regardless of vendors. Now engineers not only need to learn how to best take advantage of the new cloud services but also how to operate such new features.

Day2Ops is the Pillar of Cloud Success


OpsGuru offers Day2 as the key feature of cloud workloads.  Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that our clients are able to operate on Day 2 when the product is running in production.

Features of Day2Ops



Observability is the ability to infer the internal state of a system from external outputs. Often it is further divided into monitoring, logging, tracing and analytics.


At OpsGuru, we use our combined expertise engineering data architectures to support telemetry and logging messages are collected and filtered for clear indications on system health.  We can use machine learning capabilities to reduce the mean-time to resolution (MTTR) of operational issues. Furthermore, because OpsGuru is well-versed in a number of cloud designs. Based on the information collected from the system, we help you discern next steps on how to enhance performance as your workload on the cloud scales up.


We endeavour to support our clients in the tools that they have already adopted, while we often deploy Prometheus, Fluentd, OpenTelemetry to support the various observability needs.


Generally known as continuous integration/continuous delivery, CI/CD is often equated to the pipeline that automates source code compilation, packaging, roll-out and testing to eventual production deployments.


At OpsGuru, we also consider CI/CD to the central process and communication framework for software delivery. As such, process designs that reflect the business goals of the automation framework is of paramount importance to a successful CI/CD workflows. OpsGuru is well-versed in a number of tools that support CI/CD,  including Jenkins, CircleCI and Spinnaker.  We are contributors to Jenkins plugins.  Our number of CI/CD experts within OpsGuru who have worked across different industries can help you design a CI/CD automation system and streamline a process that works for your team.

Security Guardrails

Shared responsibility model is the operating security model for cloud computing; success on cloud operations, therefore, depends on users understanding the boundary of security responsibilities  Minimizing attack surfaces, understanding data flow, monitoring and responding to threats and anomalies, keeping operating systems and firmware up-to-date are some of the components for a healthy security posture.


At OpsGuru we design with best-practice security in mind. We include in our solutions constant tracking of access requests and issuers to easily detect anomalies. OpsGuru advocates continuous validation and detection, such that the solution has security embedded in the design, implementation and daily operations.

Day2Ops and SRE

Day2Ops is closely related to the concept of site reliability engineering. Google has published two books on site reliability engineering philosophy (that OpsGuru highly recommends).  Day2Ops reframes operations from reactive issue fixing to proactive continuous system enhancements shaped by metrics such as service level objectives (SLO). The virtuous feedback look from the output of the system as inputs to engineering effort enhance service reliability, which propels business success.  At OpsGuru we can help you operate, but more importantly, we can support you to continuously improve such that your operations posture grow hand-in-hand with your workloads.

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