About Rival Technologies

Rival Technologies (Rival) develops chat, voice and video solutions that enable global brands to understand the accurate attitudes, opinions and preferences of their target audience. Their platform, Chat Lab, is a Software as a Service application used by enterprise companies to engage consumers via SMS and Messenger, allowing researchers, marketers and their stakeholders to get the accurate data and insights they need for better business decisions. By making research more seamless, fun and conversational, Rival is helping close the gap between the way people live their digital lives and how market research is conducted.

The Challenge

As a growing startup, Rival wanted to increase their agility and resiliency while still meeting compliance needs. The company was especially focused on automating their AWS infrastructure to ensure fast and repeatable scaling. The company was on a tight deadline, but still wanted to ensure that the right services and best practices where implemented to establish a future-proof infrastructure.

Our Solution

The Rival Technologies platform can now scale up and down to closely align with actual end-user demand, in multiple geographic regions. Automation and enhance network segmentation allow for better redundancy and assurance. OpsGuru provided a better way for Rival’s agile DevOps team to practice change management.


At the end of the engagement, OpsGuru provided documentation and training sessions to ensure a seamless handoff.

The Result

In OpsGuru, Rival Technologies found exactly the right partner to design and implement the solution they needed.  The cloud onboarding solution OpsGuru architected allowed Rival to enhance their security and availability capabilities and better meet their compliance needs.


To enhance the technical implementation, OpsGuru conducted several end-user sessions, remaining efficient and cost effective, and then provided multiple rounds of architectural enhancements as part of the infrastructure rollout.

In OpsGuru, Rival Technologies found exactly the right partner to design and implement the solution they needed. 

If you would like to hear more information about this success story or would like to find out how OpsGuru can help your company reach its next goals, simply reach out, we would love to hear from you!

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