Why the best time to modernize your applications is "now"? 

Attract Top Talent
  • With IT staff retiring,  demand for top young talent is increasing high. Top young talent are attracted to companies embracing bleeding edge technologies that foster growth and learning 

  • Legacy technologies require a targeted training curriculum yielding an environment with a shorter runway for career growth 


Continuous Innovation
  • Modern cloud-friendly computing are rarely compatible with legacy applications.  Companies have a hard time to catch up to advantages of latest technologies 

  • Migrating off legacy applications allow businesses to reach financial goals sooner and dedicate IT staff to more proactive innovative projects 


Reduce Costs 
  • Legacy systems require specific tools to support development and operations; they have higher training, maintenance and upgrade costs.

  • Legacy systems often have vendor attachment and expensive licensing. Modernizing applications opens the door to alternative and lower/no licensing costs.


Seamless Automation
  • The microservices paradigm supports a system that integrates automated testing and delivery.  It reduces IT staffing and training.

  • Migrating to modern applications require minimal downtime.  Companies can deliver more innovative solutions more rapidly. 

How OpsGuru Modernizes Applications 

Modernization Assessment

Our comprehensive Modernization Assessment addresses cloud-native features such as high availability, security, deployment velocity, application readiness and total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Cloud Launchpad

OpsGuru's signature Cloud Launchpad is a secure framework embedding DevOps and Cloud best practices to propel your infrastructure forward in the application modernization journey. 

Kubernetes Adoption

We migrate your workloads onto a cloud-native application orchestration foundation that allow your modernized applications to operate seamlessly. 

Application Modernization

Our team port and host your application using modern technologies, yielding higher availability and cost effectiveness.

Organization Modernization 

We help you overhaul the full stack to boost productivity and satisfaction of your DevOps team.

Reap the Endless Benefits of Application Modernization with OpsGuru 

Productivity Boost 

Adoption of cloud-native technologies empowers developers.  An efficient framework leads to higher level of transparency throughout the organization. ​

Faster Time to Market

Increased development velocity leads to an increased pace of delivery.


The ease of working with modernized application reduces downtime and latency​

Secure Technology Governance

Adopting modern technologies improves the security posture of your systems.  The overall risk is reduced. 


Cost Efficiency

Reduced dependencies on specific vendors lead to flexibility in provisioning and budgeting.


The team can focus on acquiring top talent and invest in future innovation initiatives. ​

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